Who Is Brian Hawkins? Man Confesses To 1993 Murder In Interview, Surrenders

All three suspects were taken to jail by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. They face charges of burglary and robbery

All three suspects were taken to jail by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. They face charges of burglary and robbery

Brian Keith Hawkins, 44, of Shingletown, called the station to say he wanted to admit his role in the killing, but producers told him the interview wouldn't air until he turned himself in to police, according to KRCR.

McAlister, 19, had gone missing in May 1993 and his remains were found by a hiker in California's Shingletown. Of the three, the men are each being held on $1 million bails, although Shanna Culver is being held without bail.

Redding police believe that the murder was motivated by money, specifically, money McAlister obtained from a settlement; the three are believed to have lured McAlister to Shingletown under the pretense of selling him methamphetamine, instead robbing him.

As of Tuesday evening, Hawkins' accomplices had both been interviewed, resulting in one more confession. "I know the wrong can't be changed but this is the closest I can come to doing the right thing".

'Horrible, horrible, horrible, absolute horror, absolutely horrible since that day, ' he told KRCR-TV.

Hawkins reached out to KRCR 7 ABC news to confess to his crime on camera before turning himself into the police station next door. "The trio then took his money and vehicle and drove back to Redding, abandoning the victim's vehicle in the Costco parking lot", Redding police said Wednesday in a news release. Later that day, the vehicle was found outside a Costco in Redding, with blood on the car's exterior and interior, police said.

All three individuals now reside in the Shasta County jail-on charges of murder, robbery and burglary.

"What I believed happened was they said you say this we're going to let your sister go and he would do anything to save his sister", said Marcia Keel, the mother of Shanna and Curtis Culver. Police told KRCR one of the Culvers has also confessed to the murder.

Expressing his remorse, Hawkins maintained in the televised interview that he lost his life as well after committing the murder.

Hawkins at one point previous year had even reached out to McAlister's family with the intention of revealing the truth and asking for forgiveness, however McAlister's father passed away before he could make it out.

'By the time I got there, his father had passed away'.

Later, the trio chose to murder him instead, the department said.

"I'm not running. I just need someone that cares".

No arrests were made in the two decades since.

Jail officials said they did not know if the suspects had lawyers.

The case went cold, and for 25 years, the family had no answers in regards to who Frank's killer was.

Investigators said that Hawkins' confession was their first big break in the case.

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