Toyota unveils GR Super Sport Concept vehicle

Toyota Unveils The GR Super Sport Concept

Toyota presents the GR Super Sport concept at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

And that's where the GR Super Sport Concept comes in. Put some decals on it, and you'd swear it was a racing auto.

Named after the firm's Gazoo Racing team, the GR Super Sport Concept bears a clear resemblance to Toyota's TS050, reports Auto Express, and is powered by the same 2.4-litre twin-turbo hybrid V6 engine that took last year's race vehicle to a record-breaking lap around the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit. We already know that Toyota's Gazoo performance division is plotting a new halo sports vehicle as a successor to the iconic Supra, so it seems possible that it could adopt the Super Sport Concept's hybrid powertrain.

The GR Supersport concept draws inspiration from Toyota's LMP1 and you can see the exterior which resembles the LMP1 auto. The front is dominated by a large spoiler and low-slung grill that are both painted black. It also has the racer's hybrid drivetrain, made up of 2.4-litre twin-turbo V6 and an electric motor which together pumps out 1,000hp, or 986bhp.

If this is any indication of what Toyota's future supercars and sports cars will be like, count us in. You look at Mercedes-Benz and it has the Project One, Aston Martin and Red Bull have the Valkyrie and now Toyota has something which it derives from its expertise at the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). In fact, most of the main parts used in building the GR Super Sport Concept was sourced from the TS050 racecar. The product resulting from the GR Super Sport Concept experiment would be the opposite of that, and Toyota believes that the possibility of offering "polar opposite models" will mean that we should never get bored with its products.

"Rather than developing production cars into sports cars, we aim to work out how to incorporate the know-how gained from racing and rallying into production cars", says Gazoo Racing boss Shigeki Tomoyama. However, Toyota says it does give us a taste of what the company aims to achieve with its next-generation sports cars.

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