Toyota Adding Alexa to Select Cars in 2018

Amazon Alexa

Toyota is bringing Alexa to select vehicles this year

Last year, Amazon's Alexa was the clear favorite as far as voice-centric assistants go, but this year Google isn't willing to take the back seat with their new products, and they plan to emerge on top with the announcement of the Google Assistant.

Google does aim targeting Amazon's Alexa with this device. It now has Google Assistant built-in. Most significantly they also include intelligence enabling them to discern faces, to set boundaries and perimeters, and to eliminate false alarms and only capture actual events. Regarding the device specifications LG hasn't spoken a lot. The newer updated Assistant will be able to access all of your third-party Google Assitant services and will be able to control your smart home devices just by receiving commands from your cars. "And in the auto a true automotive assistant, which knows what drivers want and how cars work, is probably a better choice for the "driving" end of that interface than a general goal assistant coming from the home environment".

Brilliant was inspired by the Amazon Echo Show, and its touchscreen uses Amazon Voice Services' Display Card API.

Google just announced a slew of new Smart Displays featuring Google Assistant at CES 2018. While Google's home screen is a bit more interactive, with a few widgets for things like reminders and kitchen timers, the emphasis is still on using voice to perform quick, linear tasks. "It is an appliance, it's going to be in people's kitchens and livings and so on and so forth". You can look up recipes for dinner, collated from around the web.

REUTERS/Dado RuvicGoogle smart displays, in partnership with Lenovo and other brands, are in direct competition with the Amazon Echo Show.

The survey behind the report reveals that over half of all consumers who own a voice assistant talk to it daily and 22% of consumer say that they now shop using voice commands.

Google has some time to figure this out.

Lenovo was one of the first to manufacture these smart displays, and they come in 8-inch and 10-inch models. But there's also other work to do in the meantime.

In November, Google launched out an upgrade that will permit you to employ Home devices in your house as intercom systems.

Even though a Google spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment, Google vice president of engineering Scott Huffman confirmed the company wants to spread Assistant to mobile devices, home gadgets, and cars to Bloomberg.

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