Rodney Hood ejected, slaps phone out of fan's hand

Rodney Hood Slaps Phone Out of Fans Hand

WATCH: Jazz's Rodney Hood gets ejected, slaps phone out of a fan's hand

I'm guessing the National Basketball Association is probably going to fine Hood for that. The fan was holding his phone up, presumably to record or take a photo of Hood. Hood was walking down the Jazz bench and toward the tunnel to the locker room, and as he got to the end of the bench a fan with a courtside seat had his phone out taking a video of Hood's walk of shame.

Hood will likely face a fine from the league for the interaction.

During Wednesday's road game against the Washington Wizards, Hood was thrown out of the game in the third quarter after picking up his second technical foul of the night. This was a pretty big deal for a player to go after a fan, even if it was something as petty as slapping away their phone.

OAKLAND, Calif. - Golden State star Stephen Curry was out for Wednesday night's home game against the Clippers after he slipped during the shootaround and re-sprained his troublesome right ankle. But it's also kind of inappropriate, surely, to start filming an athlete when he's clearly going to be steaming angry. But let's be totally honest here: There's not an National Basketball Association player alive who watched this clip and didn't enjoy it as much as you enjoyed watching f-king rat-faced Joffrey die for the first time.nor should there be. As a team, the Wizards shot a healthy 52 percent from the field and 10 of 25 from the three-point line but turnovers really cost them this game as they finished with 23 as a team, led by eight turnovers from Wall. Those plays ensured Hood wasn't missed as much as he might have been.

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