'Hannibal' Creator Developing 'Vampire Chronicles' TV Series

Bryan Fuller Lestat-us Update: He's Working On Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles Show

Bryan Fuller Helping To Develop TV Series Based On Anne Rice's 'The Vampire Chronicles'

He's developing "The Vampire Chronicles" with Anne Rice, who finally made a decision to bring the vampire Lestat's story to the small screen. Fuller, the creative force behind such fan-favorite series as Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery, is a solid choice.

Back in November 2016, rights to the characters of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series of books had reverted back to the author who expressed her interest in turning her series into a TV show.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount TV president Amy Powell was asked about the network's much-anticipated Vampire Chronicles series, which she is calling "the Vampire Chronicles initiative". The project aims to bring the vampire Lestat's globe-trotting journey to the small screen, with a focus on providing "a prestigious, long-form, high quality and high production value" series.

Bryan Fuller is taking another juicy bite out of television. "Almost instantly after we sold the rights last April, we knew we were working with some of the finest producers television had to offer".

We'll keep you posted for future updates about the Vampire Chronicles TV show here on Epicstream. "And those producers knew that Bryan would be a flawless addition to our creative team".

The most popular adaptation of Rice's work is the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire, starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, based on the 1976 book of the same name. The co-creator of Discovery, he left the television revival before it debuted a year ago. Stuart Townsend then played him in the 2002 adaptation of The Queen of the Damned. Bryan and I will be together tonight, along with our friend and fellow writer, Eric Shaw Quinn, at the Hollywood premiere of THE ALIENIST, another eagerly anticipated adaptation of a popular novel, and a show that we're sure will demonstrate to all why Paramount and Anonymous are the ideal home for Lestat and all of his fledglings, fellow vampires and rivals.

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