Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed

Google Duo will Now Let You Call to Android Users who haven't installed the App

Google Duo lets you make calls to contacts who don't even have the app installed

An update to the Google Duo video calling app means that you can now make both audio and video calls to people who don't have the app installed.

The popularity of the app is anticipated to only go up the curve as wherein other apps require both the participants of a call to essentially have the same app installed, Duo comes up as a welcome exception, serving as its USP for one and all.

In the latest update of Duo, Google brings some exciting features. Further, recipients can do stuff like answer/hangup the call, mute it, and switch cameras like any other normal Duo user.

Like a regular Duo call, the recipient of the video chat sees live video from the caller. Additionally, these users will also get a notification, which will allow them to block a caller from contacting them, or if you choose to continue receiving calls. It was claimed that Google Duo showed a sudden increase in users in the list that showed those who already have Duo installed in their handsets.

For those interested in the intricacies, it's App Preview Messaging that's making all this possible - it is a Google Play Services feature that was launched back in 2016. However, it does not let you do activities like sending attachments or images and changing the text size by dragging the send button up or down. So, we're also opening up this feature to developers with an early access program, allowing them to extend the reach of their messaging app. Once the call is over, apparently, the other person is invited to install Duo. With this ability, Google Duo app could successfully establish a connection on phones that don't even have it installed. The report says that the Duo-initiated audio and video calls are popping on some Android phones that don't have the app.

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