CES 2018 Highlights: Amazon, LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

LG OLED Canyon Impresses CES Crowds

CES 2018 Highlights: Amazon, LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

LG is also upping the game with an 8K TV that automatically upgrades content to a higher resolution than the current 4K standard. We were told as the 2017 year ended, by none other than IHS Markit, that OELD TVs had shipped 133% ahead of last year's figures - not much of a leap really, from an already low figure.

The Consumer Electronics Show is a popular event around the globe because world's most known brands and companies will come together to showcase their products.

This allows MicroLED screens to be brighter than OLED, while also having a longer lifespan, without the worry of "burn in" (where the outline of a static image can remain on the screen when the image moves on). Not because we don't want to, but because Samsung simply isn't ready to reveal that information.

Other LG commercial innovations integrated into the company's CES booth include the unique 86-inch LG "Ultra Stretch" digital signage displays with content driving home key messages about ThinQ artificial intelligence, connected appliances and more.

Samsung QUHD 4K CES 2018
CES 2018 Highlights: Amazon, LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

Samsung Electronics on Monday introduced "The Wall", the world's first modular microLED television.

We covered this subject recently in a post on the future of QLED technology (essentially another name for the micro LED tech of "The Wall" TV) and discussed how it might advance enough to replace OLED or conventional LCD displays to become the dominant type of display for most near-future TVs. Furthermore, just as is the case with OLED, the pixels (any one of several million of them inside a micro LED 4K TV bar) can turn off or on completely on an individual basis for ideal scene dimming and bright highlights.

Of course, detail levels looked outstanding too, but the bright picture and vibrant colour palette were by far the standout features here, all powered by Sony's next-generation X1 Ultimate processor. In other words, aside from its ridiculous size, The Wall is as close to the ideal new TV as we've seen so far from any brand.

Ever the videophile, Andru is also keeping his eye on the new TVs being announced, including a giant, 146-inch TV from Samsung called simply The Wall. It's not the same technology as OLED, and Samsung says it offers the flawless blacks of OLED but can get much brighter and has fewer off-axis color issues. OLED reached 270,000 shipment units in November as falling prices pushed the sweet spot purchases around 55-inches and above, offering genuine UHD and 4K down into the budget range...

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