Xcel sending help to Puerto Rico, residents impacted by Maria

Xcel joins more than 20 other electric companies to help restore power to the devastated

Xcel joins more than 20 other electric companies to help restore power to the devastated

In a bid to keep up with the promise of restoring critical electrical power for Puerto Rico's populace, Task Force Power Restoration has recently announced its plan of deploying microgrid technology to electrify those outlandish areas that allegedly faced a major blow by the Hurricane Maria.

With Democrats now lacking the votes to enact these provisions, Murphy and Blumenthal called for efforts to pressure Republican senators in states with Puerto Rican populations like Florida and Ohio.

Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico on Wednesday launched a new drive to become the 51st U.S. state, with the island's governor demanding an end to "second-class" treatment of its citizens.

There is now a new push for state lawmakers to help them.

The tidal wave of assistance pouring in from individuals and charitable institutions from CT is much appreciated, they said.

"When I got word that we were going to have an opportunity to possibly send some guys down there, I thought, this is a no brainer I'm in", said Stingle. In December, the Globe reported the number of flu cases has quadrupled from previous year, and the Joplin area's total doubled.

The worst part of the shortage deals with small saline bags.

Flu season has turned out to be a bad one and it came early, bringing patients in need of fluids into hospitals already running low.

Baxter Puerto Rico, a medical company, was heavily damaged in the extreme weather event; moreover, it is responsible for supplying the majority of hospitals in the US, including some here in Alaska, with IV product. This means that patients are receiving certain medications through a syringe that is inserted into the IV, versus through an IV bag... But intermittent power outages are still slowing Baxter's efforts to get back to full production. Under the project, the team is reportedly planning to install massive generators of approximately 1850-kilowatt capacity, to electrify huge infrastructures like hospitals and big box stores.

The Food and Drug Administration says relief is on the way.

"The small bags disappeared and we accommodated for that by making things ourselves and doing conservation techniques", said Britton.

"And pretty quickly, we ran through medium-sized bags". Things like that we're seeing across the whole health system.

Now even the large bags of saline have sometimes been delivered only intermittently.

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