Virtual aide market a 'wildfire' at CES gadget show

A man walks by ultra high definition TVs at the TCL booth at CES International Wednesday Jan. 6 2016 in Las Vegas

A man walks by ultra high definition TVs at the TCL booth at CES International Wednesday Jan. 6 2016 in Las Vegas

Smoke alarm? Check. A $1,300 smart mirror?

That was the reality today as a portion of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the trade show's location, was shrouded in darkness for more than half an hour.

General Electric plans to unveil a new ceiling light that can be controlled by means of Google Assistant voice commands while also serving as a bridge to this app; in other words, homeowners can issue commands to the lamps hanging above their heads for the objective of looking up information, scheduling tasks, streaming music, making appointments, getting news, ordering goods and services, controlling other smart home devices, and making voice calls. Below are a few things we hope to see at CES this past year.

"How the hell do you lose electricity at an electronics show?" said James.

This leads us aptly onto more smart home innovation. In this light, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa are sure to crop up significantly at CES 2018. Some of you might even prefer the Windows integration of Microsoft's Cortana.

Several other players will be trying to catch up with Amazon and Google.

Apple plans to have the technology ready for its own augmented reality glasses by 2019, so that the device can be released by 2020.

Spending on consumer electronics devices and streaming services in the U.S. alone was expected to climb slightly more than 3 percent this year to $351 billion, with the number of "connected" devices in the country rising to 715 million from 671 million last year.

Since then, the company has launched a refreshed line of Amazon Echo speakers, including a model created to make it easy for consumers to get started using Alexa to manage their lightbulbs, refrigerators and televisions.

An Amazon Echo device is displayed at the Ford booth at CES 2017 (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)What will be at CES 2018?

The very first Consumer Electronics Show was held in NY in 1967, where exhibitors showed off pocket radios and TV sets across a scattering of the city's hotels.The 1970 show saw Sony debut the videocassette recorder a year before it went on sale, and in 1978 the exhibition moved to Las Vegas.

Other devices seemed to extend the definition of smart home to new corners. There are also those who eschew the use of always-on voice assistants over privacy concerns. Lenovo, HP and other major personal computer makers announced this week that some new computer models would include the ability to converse with Alexa.

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