Today President Trump Signed an Executive Order to Expand Rural Broadband

President Trump is making a stop in Nashville Monday to address thousands of farmers at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention

President Trump is making a stop in Nashville Monday to address thousands of farmers at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention

White House agriculture aide Ray Starling said, "High-speed internet should remain a high priority for the administration".

Trump also talked up his administration's steps to rescind the Obama-era Waters of the United States rule that farmers had decried as an example of federal overreach.

Trump used the appearance to sign two presidential orders expanding access to broadband internet in rural America.

President Donald Trump is expected to visit Nashville this afternoon, a trip that will mark his second stop in Music City since assuming office a year ago.

"From now on, most family farms and small-business owners will be spared-and you're going to be spared, and it really is the word punishment of the deeply unfair estate tax, known as the death tax-so you can keep your farms in the family", Trump said to a standing ovation. Trump has repeatedly attacked players who knelt during the anthem to draw attention to racial issues.

We have cut 22 regulations for every one new regulation.

The White House provided Channel 3 with excerpts before his speech today.

Most of those benefits are going to small business, individuals and farmers, he said, giving historic relief to U.S. farmers and middle class.

AFBF tax specialist Pat Wolff said at the American Farm Bureau Federation's 99th Annual Convention, at which Trump is speaking: "Tax rates are going down". He will travel to Nashville, Tennessee, for the remarks.

President Donald Trump Monday unveiled a major initiative created to strengthen a rural economy that has lagged urban areas in recovery from the recession of 2007-2008. MTA officials say they will notify riders about changes through their social media accounts, email list and website.

The new tax law is the first major legislative accomplishment for Republicans since Trump took office, but polls have shown that the measure is unpopular. "We ditched the rule", he said, to the members of the organization which led the charge to "Ditch the Rule" when it came out in 2015. Well, most of them.

"And I support a bill that includes crop insurance, unless you don't want me to", he half joked, again to applause. However, rural voters have also favored the North American Free Trade Agreement and other trade agreements Trump has opposed and threatened to pull out of.

Trump opponents are quick to point out the ongoing agricultural concerns with vitally important trade deals and the continued uncertainty with immigration policies that impact farm workers, but Perdue emphasized that President Trump understands the importance of rural America as the breadbasket of the world. After he unveils proposals to assist rural economies, the president will attend the Alabama-Georgia game in Atlanta Monday night.

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