'Swatting' suspect charged with involuntary manslaughter

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On January 9, arrest warrants were issued for 25-year-old Tyler Barriss of Los Angeles, California who had previously been charged in connection with a suspected swatting incident on December 28 where a member of the Wichita Police Department fatally shot an innocent man.

Authorities allege that a dispute over an online video game led Barriss to call a Wichita, Kan., police dispatcher and falsely claim that he had shot his father and was holding two other people hostage inside a Wichita home on December 28. He was booked in Sedgwick County Jail on Thursday afternoon, according to The Wichita Eagle, and his bond is $500,000.

In Kansas, a defendant can be charged with murder when prosecutors believe that a death has been caused due to the commission of certain felonies. Officers said Finch was ordered to raise his hands but moved them to his waist.

In the state of Kansas, involuntary manslaughter can lead up to 11 years in prison as the maximum sentence, not including the two other charges Barriss faces.

Tyler Barriss is read his official charges including involuntary manslaughter.

There's no timeline for when a decision determining if the officer's action were reasonable will be made, he said.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett said once Barriss makes his first appearance in Sedgwick County District Court, details of the charges filed will be made public.

The case, Bennett said, has been unique and there's not a lot of previous case law to reference.

The false call made by Barriss is believed to have been the result of an online dispute between two Call of Duty players.

Swatting is the act of making a fake emergency call in an attempt to get officer to respond to someone's address. Calgary police are charging Barriss with mischief and fraud. The officer who shot Finch, a 7½-year veteran of the force, is on paid leave pending the investigation.

The caller who phoned Wichita police said in a relatively calm voice that he had shot his father in the head and was holding his mother and a sibling at gunpoint, according to the 911 recording.

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