North Korean Leader Explains Secret Letting Pyongyang Withstand Long Sanctions

Canada, US to host meeting on North Korea

Tillerson to attend int'l foreign ministers meeting on North Korea in Canada

China is taking aim at an global summit on North Korea in Vancouver next week, saying the event co-hosted by Canada and the United States is likely to do more harm than good.

The Chinese customs agency said Friday that imports from the North shrank 81.6 per cent to $54 million while exports to the isolated, impoverished country contracted 23.4 per cent to $260 million.

The administration of US President Donald Trump welcomed signs that China, North Korea's main economic partner, was "sharply reducing" trade with its neighbor.

Foreign ministers from the United States, Canada, South Korea, and several of the states that fought North Korea in the Korean War will gather in Vancouver on January 16. Meanwhile, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will participate in a welcome dinner Monday.

South and North Korean delegations attend the meeting at Panmunjom village in the demilitarised zone.

With sanctions now sinking their teeth into North Korea, the United States and its allies will discuss a naval blockade that could end North Korean smuggling, bringing the maximum pressure campaign towards its endgame.

"We have been very clear with them about the action that we need them to take against individuals or entities under Chinese control that are ... helping or facilitating or supporting North Korea's nuclear and missile program", he said.

He also said that China would continue to make its own efforts to push the peninsula nuclear issue back to the track of dialogue and consultation as well as settlement.

The two Koreas held their first high-level talks in more than two years this week, leading some to expect an easing of tensions ahead of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in the South next month.

Analysts have warned that the North Korean government uses money laundering and other illicit financial activity to develop its nuclear-weapons program, a concern echoed by the Paris-based task force.

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