Intel CEO pledges "security first" following Meltdown and Spectre security issues

Intel has hit a “major breakthrough” in quantum computing

Meltdown and Spectre chip flaw timeline

"We have received reports from a few customers of higher system reboots after applying firmware updates", Intel states.

Not only did we see considerable slowdowns for many applications, we also noticed inconsistent performance, since the speed of one application could be impacted by the behavior of other applications running on the same core.

IT LOOKS LIKE even Nvidia's graphics cards can't escape the spectre of Spectre, as the graphics processing units (GPUs) in the cards are affected by the flaws. "We are working quickly with these customers to understand, diagnose and address this reboot issue", Intel said.

Paul Turner's "Retpoline" software binary modification technique was able to work towards resolving Spectre Variant 2 without Google needing to issue new hardware.

The company now says that while it thinks that GPZ Variant 2 is hard to exploit on its chips, it'll still work with its partners to release microcode updates and OS patches to mitigate the vulnerability. The first two are known as Spectre and the third as Meltdown.

Nvidia detailed how through the use of a side channel cyber attack that exploits the speculative execution modern processors perform to deliver speedy performance, its GPU drivers could fall foul of Spectre variants.

Vendors across the industry have been scrambling to issue proper fixes, but the rollout has been far from ideal. However, nearly immediately, customers began experiencing issues with their systems rebooting unexpectedly. Cloud providers, which lease servers to multiple clients, are particularly at risk. The company pulled together hundreds of engineers in search of a better solution - a "Moonshot" as Google likes to say. "We expect this issue to be corrected shortly and Microsoft should resume updates for these older processors by next week", AMD confirmed the rollout plans.

Not only are users who applied these updates now facing notable performance degradation of their CPUs, some customers are seeing constant reboots in the wake of Intel's solution to the problem, something Intel addressed in its blog post. That report cited an internal Intel document disclosing that the company identified three issues in microcode updates released over the past week meant to address the vulnerabilities.

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