India Willoughby first star evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Candid India Willoughby has revealed she picked out her'designer vagina from a catalogue of 10,000 options

Candid India Willoughby has revealed she picked out her'designer vagina from a catalogue of 10,000 options

It was as she read a bulletin for Lookaround in 2010 that India finally realised she could not continue living a lie - as a woman born into a man's body.

India reflected on how she could have improved her time in the house during both of her interviews, saying: "I was fatally wounded in terms of the game of Big Brother".

India was nominated by nearly all of her female co-stars while Jonny received nods from Rachel Johnson, 52, Maggie Oliver and Ashley James, 30.

Much of the time in the house was defined by how scared she was of Courtney Act and drag queen, and despite becoming friends with Shane Janek, India says she'll never get over her fear.

India left Celebrity Big Brother building to applause and cheers from the CBB audience, after losing the public vote to Love Island star Jonny Mitchell.

Attempting to explain photos of her with drag artists, India said: "
I was paid to do an event previous year and some drag queens were there.

Speaking to host Emma Willis, she said: 'I had so much more to offer, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. "This is what people see and it's not the real me".

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India says she's "got it wrong" as she is evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

I think I peeved them off on the night they came in with the question about gender and love.

Since then she has continued her work with ITV's local news programmes in the region, been a newsreader on Channel 5 and appeared on Loose Women and Come Dine with Me.

"I was psyched up to mix it a little bit". I don't feel I've done myself justice, that is my one regret. "I know I probably share a degree of blame in that because I kept going on about gender because it was so important to me".

Meanwhile bookmakers are predicting India, who transitioned fully two years ago, will be kicked out - echoing the large number of nominations she received from her fellow housemates earlier this week.

Wayne Sleep left his housemates horrified when he flashed his manhood at his screeching co-stars after having a shower. "She's a good girl", said Inidia. The fun side, if you get my meaning'.

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