Google unifies Android Pay and Google Wallet into Google Pay

Alphabet streamlines its mobile wallet app for improved offering

Google Rebrands Pay, Lets Consumers Use Info In Saved Accounts To Make Purchases

So far, there were no talks regarding the global availability of LG Pay, and here is the answer. LG is also reportedly considering calling the platform "LG Wallet" when it brings to it to North America.

Similar to Samsung Pay, LG Pay should be accepted at almost any terminal, thanks to its usage of Wireless Magnetic Communication, which essentially duplicates the action of swiping your credit card. It eventually dropped that and adopted what it calls Wireless Magnetic Communication, though the source of the technology is still unknown.

"In the U.S., LG said it will launch the mobile payment system with its G7 and V40 premium phones this year before expanding to mid-range phones next year".

LG Pay will not only be for premium smartphones though - LG plans to expand its mobile payment system to its mid-range smartphones in the USA sometime in 2019. Google's Tez is different from Paytm in that you can't store money in the app. For the unfamiliar, LG Pay service will enable users to make payments with supported LG devices on normal credit card readers, similar to the MST used by Samsung. When it launches in the USA, it will only be available with the LG G7 and the V40 premium smartphones.

Alphabet streamlines its mobile wallet app for improved offering
LG to launch mobile payment system in US by June

LG Pay has had a long and storied history around here, going back to 2016 and even beyond.

LG plans to launch LG Pay in the United States in the first half of 2018, the reports note, and plans to make the release coincide with LG's upcoming new phone release, the G7.

The article doesn't mention Canadian availability, so for the time being the most interesting component of the report, from a Canadian perspective, is a sentence that comes towards the end. Samsung is LG's biggest competition in South Korea, even more so than Apple or Google.

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