Gillian Anderson announces she's done playing Scully on 'X-Files'

Gillian Anderson as Scully

How to watch The X-Files season 11, episode 2 online

Anderson said during the Television Critics Association's winter press tour: "I'm finished, and that's the end of that".

The 11th series, comprising 10 episodes, has recently started airing in the United States, and Anderson has said she will now step down from the show because "it's time for me to hang up Scully's hat". "I'm finished." Apparently Scully's sendoff has already been filmed, so depending on how that was handled, there may be no turning back at this point. Anderson has found success in movies and TV alike, with some of her more recent notable roles including characters on the Hannibal TV series as well as the adaption of American Gods.

In the show, based on Neil Gaiman's novel, she played the new goddess Media, who took form as the likes of Lucile Ball, David Bowie and Marylin Monroe. "I don't want to be tied down to months and months of any particular one thing".

"No, this is it for me", Anderson said.

Now, though, she's ready to move onto other projects and close the book on her X-Files run.

She explained that she wasn't intending to do two series, but after only six episodes in the tenth season, she felt she couldn't part with Scully there.

But then, after the episodes were in the can, she realized that she "wouldn't be happy if those six were the way to say goodbye". "I think as [series creator] Chris [Carter] has said himself that short stack of episodes felt like we were leaning how to walk again and that this season of ten [episodes] feels like the pace is up and we're running".

At the same time, when she agreed to return to "The X-Files", Anderson said "it never occurred to me that it was now a new series".

There's lots of things I want to do in my life and in my career. Mulder, however, may continue in his search; Duchovny said he was "good either way" if the show continued or ended.

Co-star David Duchovny, who plays Agent Fox Mulder, didn't shut the door on more episodes without Anderson, saying he was "good either way". With this section of the monster-of-the-week Federal Bureau of Investigation show in its second season (eleventh overall), one of its stars is done for good - and has opened up as to why. "I'm feeling pretty pissed off, now that I remember", Duchovny joked.

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