Destiny 2 Content Roadmap Promises Scaling Back of Eververse

Bungie Doubles Down on its Plans to Fix What's Wrong with Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has some big plans for 2018

The post reads: "We recognize that the scales are tipped too far towards Tess at the moment, and Eververse was never meant to be a substitute for end game content and rewards". They will now feature mods with Raid-specific perks, and we are adjusting the rewards to ensure a Raid item drops from each major encounter.

The Eververse system is a little too unpredictable at the moment so they're shifting the balance of new content in favor of activity rewards over earning Bright Engrams. In order to reach this goal, Bungie will be making three changes in Season 2. Barrett also promises more "direct purchase options" and adjustments that will "allow players to get the items they want more often" without relying on the luck of the draw.

We are also adding a new Ghost with Raid-specific perks that has a chance to drop from the Leviathan and Eater of Worlds final encounters. This all hit a boiling point in December after it was revealed that Bungie handicapped player experience to reduce the amount of Bright Engrams earned just by playing, which would then encourage players to pay for them. Raid rewards will also be tweaked, with Bungie promising to make them 'more unique and interesting, ' while the Raid vendor will now flog Leviathan and Eater of Worlds armor and weapons in exchange for Raid tokens and Legendary Shards. The Destiny 2 Fall 2018 (or sooner) update expands on all of this, bringing additional Crucible playlists like Rumble, better clan rewards, item collections, Masterwork exotics, and "the future of Guided Games". "We also have plans for Clan and Community High Scores in the works".

According to Game Director Christopher Barrett, Crimson Days will return on February 13 and will feature some of the long term loot changes Bungie has planned for Destiny 2. This will be a whole new way of how mods work for all items like armor and weapons. The game pushes players towards using it to get new Ghosts, ships, and more with cold, hard cash via the Eververse. On leveling up, Bungie are still investigating changes to XP earn rates. Lastly, this update will include PC Tower Chat, quickplay improvements, the appearance of Fireteam members on the destination map.

You won't need to have purchased any of Destiny 2's expansions to access this content, granting you neat bonuses without dishing out extra dough.

The game developers admitted that Tess and the Eververse shop was a bit unbalanced and it was unfair to other players.

Ranked play for Destiny 2 has finally been given a launch window. If you just want the highlights, pull up a chair and stick around for a while.

Multi-Emote: When multi-emote launches, you will be able to choose which emote you have equipped to each of your four emote slots.

In the near future, Bungie will look to add the following and more.

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