California proposes a $131.7 billion budget for fiscal year 2018-19

Brown's final California budget stashes billions in reserve

Jerry Brown unveils $132 billion California budget for 2018-19

Brown projects California will have $6.1 billion in extra cash.

Under Brown's plan, the state's General Fund grows to $131.7 billion, up about $6 billion from a year ago. "It inserts state government into local" budgets through tax collections in a major way.

"We have to be on our guard", he said. "So, this is about steady-as-you-go, or exuberance followed by regret - and pain". He's termed out after serving four terms, first in the 1970s and 1980s and again since 2011. Buoyed by their victory on federal tax reform, House Speaker Paul Ryan says he'll next try to cut federal spending on welfare and Medicare, moves that could affect California's budget. But he can account for those changes when he submits budget revisions in May.

Consistent with Brown's record of presiding over record spending while simultaneously urging restraint, Brown's message to the Legislature stressed the inevitability of a recession in the near future and the importance of preparing for it. The plan had its first hearing Wednesday and would allow taxpayers to give a charitable contribution to the state's coffers in lieu of paying taxes.

Brown's budget would direct $1.3 billion to natural resources and housing infrastructure spending presuming that state bond measures passed by the Legislature a year ago will be approved by voters in November.

The $132 billion spending proposal includes notable investments in education for foster youth in the state; a new home visiting program for moms receiving welfare; and a bid to divert some young adults from prisons into juvenile facilities. Assemblymember Tim Grayson, who represents Benicia as part of the 14th Assembly District said in a statement that the proposal would work toward all Californians and suggested that any surplus money should be invested in the state's future. Instead, health spending only gets a modest bump in Gov.

"Just like our blueprint is the beginning of a discussion, his is as well", Ting told reporters.

Brown balanced California's 2011-12 budget by cutting General Fund spending by 8.2 percent. "Here, modesty is not good enough".

"In a ideal world, the surplus would be returned to taxpayers", added Assemblyman Jay Obernolte of Hesperia, the top Republican on the Assembly budget committee.

Siqueiros added the governor's budget proposal preserves the governor's commitment to improved student completion with innovative ideas for funding colleges and universities and the delivery of education.

This includes $272 billion in retirement liabilities for state and University of California employees - figures that could be understated. "The governor could start by refunding the money to Californians who paid the now suspended fire prevention fee, and by reconsidering the need for his catastrophic gas tax hike".

In terms of marijuana, the governor's anticipating $643 million will be raised in taxes during the first year of recreational marijuana sales. That's less than the $1 billion from earlier estimates.

The budget plan is likely to change in the coming months as lawmakers battle for pet causes and the state's revenues are recalculated before the next fiscal year begins in July.

Solano County representatives were generally enthusiastic about Brown's proposal. It boosted payments for Medi-Cal doctors and dentists who provide care for the poor and increased funding for education and social services.

"Governor Brown's budget only proves what Republicans have been saying all along: Taxes are too darn high", Sen.

In addition to transportation, Brown's budget also takes aim at the state's estimated $67 billion in deferred maintenance.

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