Winter storm delays Norwegian Breakaway's NY return

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A cruise ship captain, and the ship's parent company, are coming under fire from passengers who sailed directly through last week's mega winter storm.

CBS News York writes that they passed another Norwegian ship - the Gem - headed in the opposite direction. "'It was so tilted I was shaking".

The ship was forced to turn back, delaying their arrival in NY.

Norwegian Cruise Line is facing backlash from passengers aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, after it sailed through a massive winter storm with hurricane-force winds.

Del and Karoline spoke to CBS2 en route to NY after they say their 4,000 passenger cruise ship sailed into the storm Tuesday night for two harrowing days in 20 to 30 foot ocean swells.

A Norwegian cruise line ship sailed right into last week's winter storm on its return to NY from the Bahamas.

In another post on Twitter, water can be seen dripping near the stairwells on deck 6 as housekeeping staff is hard at work trying to limit the damage.

"I will never comprehend the way that they settled on a decision to assume control 4,000 individuals however a tempest", said Ross.

"It was hell for me", Mendez told CBS News York.

"There were people crying, everyone was throwing was a nightmare", Olivia Ross said. "But they wanted to get all those new customers with new money with a 14-day cruise".

The Breakaway's late arrival to NY delayed a 14-day cruise, and the company says those guests will receive a refund for the lost day. I honestly wasn't sure we were going to make it through the night. "All guests and crew are safe", a spokesman said.

NCL also said "We sincerely apologize to our guests for any resulting discomfort or inconvenience they experienced".

Chuck Tredo (l.) and Ree Tredo (r.), from Dallas, were boarding the Norwegian Cruise Line on Saturday.


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