Why Trump's Offshore Drilling Expansion Won't Be So 'Yuge'

Secretary Zinke Announces Plan For Unleashing America's Offshore Oil and Gas Potential | U.S. Department of the

Gov. Scott praises reversal of plans for offshore drilling in Florida

"I will never stop fighting for Florida's environment and our pristine coastline". "I have already asked to immediately meet with Secretary Zinke to discuss the concerns I have with this plan and the crucial need to remove Florida from consideration".

Twenty minutes after that, Scott made the announcement that Florida would not be the place for offshore drilling.

Waters off the coast of Florida will not be opened to oil and gas drilling for now, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Tuesday. "This is a matter of serious importance to us in SC", said McMaster.

Environmentalist group Oceana said it hopes the White House hears complaints from other states - that might not have a GOP chief executive like Scott. If the governor of a coastal state is opposed to such drilling out of concern that an oil spill would inflict serious harm to the state's tourism industry, the federal government is willing to back down. "Just like with mining, not all areas are appropriate for offshore drilling, and we will take that into consideration in the coming weeks".

Brown said her office has tried to contact Zinke about the impact of lifting the drilling ban.

On Wednesday, Zinke announced that Florida - a tourism-focused state with the second most coastline in the nation - would be spared from the new order.

Say this for the Trump administration - sometimes they put their self-servedness right out there for all of the American people to see.

The move also drew condemnation from many top California officials, including Gov.

President Trump's proposal to massively expand offshore oil and natural gas drilling off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts drew criticism from liberals and conservatives alike, who warn that such operations at sea could expose coastal areas to the risks of blowouts, explosions, catastrophic spills and seismic blasting.

Scott is a political ally of President Donald Trump, who happens to own beachfront property in Florida. But it apparently helps that the person asking is a Republican contemplating a run for the U.S. Senate against a Democratic incumbent, and the change in policy spared him from having to run with an oil-stained albatross wrapped around his neck.

"For eight years, the Governor has been steadfastly opposed to drilling off the New Jersey coast". I don't believe it.

"Secretary Zinke flew to Florida, met with the governor of Florida for 20 minutes at the Tallahassee Airport, and suddenly announced that he has now chose to 'take Florida off the table.' Sounds like a political stunt", Sen. Zinke also announced the exemption on Twitter.

"For someone to suggest that they're protecting Florida coast when they've done nothing to move away from unsafe fossil fuels - which is creating climate impacts like sea level rise, which threaten our coasts", Glckman said.

But in 2011, Scott walked his support of then-presidential candidate Michele Bachmann after the Minnesota Republican proposed drilling for oil in Florida's Everglades.

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