Why Monster Hunter World Won't Have Microtransactions

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter: World PC Delay Explained

But PC players will be holding on until an ambiguous Fall 2018 release window to play Capcom's revamped Monster Hunter entry.

Monster Hunter: World is just a mere couple of weeks from finally releasing, and one thing that players can look forward, aside from glorious monster hunting, is not having their experience spoiled by microtransactions. In the past, the game was only released for consoles and focused heavily on the players' ability to slay monsters with their friend via split-screen.

The long stretch that is Monster Hunter World PC version compared to its home console variants is undeniably long.

Apparently of major concern to the development team was launching the best possible product that they could. Fortunately, the developers did not leave the PC community in the dark. Check out our Monster Hunter: World preview. We will be deep into the game to bring you all the guides we can, so be sure to keep an eye on the site for all your Monster Hunting needs. Rather than have it taking up resources during the console development and not it not being able to have our full attention on it. If you are one of those types of fans or need a little more convincing about whether to pick up the game on Day 1, Capcom has released an all-new trailer showing off the Coral Highlands. On console you use first party matchmaking, you just kind of plug into it, whether it's PSN or Xbox Live, but on PC we're going to have to work more to get our own matchmaking working.

In a recent conversation with GamesRadar, Ryozo Tsujimoto producer of Monster Hunter has said that the PC port for the game is no small feat and that the company would like to make sure that the game they have designed is up to scratch for PC gamers. Whenever you get over that hurdle by yourself, it's such a great feeling, why would we let you skip that just to make a bit of extra money?

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