Trump Effect: Indian-origin man stripped of USA citizenship, could be deported

Justice Department Revokes Naturalized Citizenship, Citing Fingerprint Issue

For first time, Justice Dept. yanks naturalized citizenship in new 'Operation Janus' crackdown

Baljinder Singh, 43, from Carteret, New Jersey is the first naturalized Indian American citizen to be stripped of his US citizenship under the Trump administration.

Singh, who was born in India, could not be immediately reached Tuesday.

The proceedings against Singh were part of Operation Janus, which is a programme of the US Department of Homeland Security against fraudulent immigration.

DHS has warned that "as long as the older fingerprint records have not been digitized and included in the repositories, USCIS risks making naturalization decisions without complete information and, as a result, naturalizing additional individuals who may be ineligible for citizenship or who may be trying to obtain US citizenship fraudulently".

"The Justice Department will continue to use every tool to protect the integrity of our nation's immigration system, including the use of civil denaturalization", Readler added.

According to the petition filed by the Department of Justice in September 2017, Singh had concealed prior orders of exclusion and his deportation that were passed against him, and assumed a different identity that was used for naturalization in his citizenship application. Some people involved in those cases may have sought to get around criminal records or background checks during the naturalization process, the Justice Department said.

The USCIS has plans to refer 1,600 other cases for prosecution.

Singh's immigration status has been reverted from naturalized citizen to lawful permanent resident, rendering him potentially subject to removal proceedings at the Department of Homeland Security's discretion.

Federal prosecutors said Baljinder Singh, 43, who entered the 1991 without travel papers, failed to disclose a deportation order against him when he applied for USA citizenship through marriage to an American citizen. While that application was pending, he also married a US citizen and submitted paperwork on that basis to become a permanent resident, according to court filings.

According to the DOJ, Singh entered the United States by plane in 1991 without travel documents or identification and gave the name Davinder Singh. He also dodged a subsequent court hearing and was ordered to be deported in January 1992. Singh has been residing in Carteret, New Jersey.

Baljinder Singh alias Davinder Singh, 43, who married a U.S. citizen, has now been reverted to the Green Card status which leaves him potentially subject to removal proceedings at the Department of Homeland Security's discretion, the Justice Department said.

Singh is accused of illegal procurement of naturalization by not being lawfully admitted for permanent residence, illegal procurement of naturalization due to lack of good moral characters, and procurement of US citizenship with concealment of a material fact or willful misrepresentation, it said (see India-West article here).

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