Pardoned ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio running for Senate in Arizona


Arpaio said he wanted to push the policies of President Trump who granted a controversial pardon to the lawman in August

Arpaio, who lost a bid for re-election in Arizona's Maricopa County in November after 24 years in office, was known for his crackdown on undocumented immigrants and investigating unfounded Trump-supported claims questioning former President Barack Obama's citizenship.

Joe Arpaio, a Springfield native who garnered the title of "America's toughest sheriff", announced Tuesday that he plans to run for U.S. Senate in Arizona.

In an interview with The Washington Examiner's David Drucker, Arpaio announced his official intention to seek the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Dr. Kelli Ward, a former Arizona State Senator, announced a run for the seat a year ago after unsuccessfully running against Republican John McCain in 2016.

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced he is running for Senate in Arizona.

"I think at this point in his career, you have to question the motive behind anything he's doing where there's money involved", Setmayer said. "And I think the people of Arizona who really know him best would agree with me". "At least I got the guts to face all the detractors, the Democratic Party, you name it, so he can have his opinion, I got mine, but It doesn't bother me at all". After asking Arpaio what part of his experience as sheriff "would be most helpful in the U.S. Senate", Doocy followed up by inquiring if he wants to "drain the swamp" like Trump.

FOX 10's John Hook talked to Arpaio about his decision to run.

He was found guilty of contempt a year ago by a federal judge for violating a court order to halt immigration-related arrests. Last August Trump issued a pardon that allowed Arpaio to avoid punishment after having been convicted of contempt of court. Flake said on Tuesday about Mr. Arpaio's campaign, "because it won't last long".

Flake who's openly criticized the President since he took office is set to retire at the end of 2018
Flake who's openly criticized the President since he took office is set to retire at the end of 2018

"I have a far-out plan, which may look stupid", he said, noting there would be no amnesty provisions.

Arpaio says he understands the concerns of immigrants considering his own Italian background with two parents who came to the USA legally for a better life.

Arpaio will join a now three-way race with Rep. Marth McSally and state Sen. The district judge said in 2013 that Arpaio and his deputies had engaged in racial profiling against Latinos, backing up the findings of a Justice Department report several years earlier. The new candidate said he "relishes" the fight whether it be from the left or from supporters of McSally on the right, noting he has a "love-hate" relationship with both Flake and McCain who have both been critical of the president and opposed the pardon. Salvador Reza, an activist with Barrio Defense Committees, told the Daily Beast in 2013 that Hispanic children in the area saw Arpaio as "El Cucuy" - the Bogeyman.

It's unclear as of yet whether Arpaio has a good chance of winning in Arizona.

Hook asked Arpaio if the battle to clear his name was in preparation for the Senate run. National Republican leaders would like to see a run by the more mainstream Martha McSally, now in the U.S. House; she is expected to make an announcement Friday, CNN reports.

Cecillia Wang, the deputy legal director of the ACLU, tweeted that "Arpaio couldn't even win re-election to the sheriff's office he held for decades".

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