Pakistan was terror-free before Afghan war: ISPR DG

Kabul urges Islamabad not to'politicize refugee issue

Pakistan Suspends Military, Intelligence Cooperation With US

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said Pakistan shall continue its honest counter terrorism efforts even without USA financial support in accordance with our national interest while being committed to bring it to its logical conclusion along with other stakeholders. "Pakistan, with significantly less resources achieved what the security forces in Afghanistan couldn't with all of their resources", he said.

"Pakistan does not want to put a price on its sacrifices but wants them to be recognised", he was quoted as saying by the Dawn newspaper. Later the US state department followed up on President Trump's threat by announcing a halt of aids to Pakistan unless the country addresses the concern raised by the United States.

"Peace has returned to the Pakistan and its future is prosperous", he added.

"Pakistan is also strengthening border controls unilaterally but if Afghanistan genuinely feels affected from Pakistan, bilateral border management must be Kabul's top priority as well", Gen Bajwa said.

The US announced on Thursday that it would not deliver military equipment or transfer security-related funds to Pakistan.

"So now it is the job of Pakistan to take seriously their commitment to us, and most importantly to the people of Pakistan who would most be hurt by this, by any terrorist activity, and come forward". In this phase, we are fighting an enemy which is not seen.

"We have conveyed to the U.S. that actionable intelligence sharing can help in advancing the shared goals of defeating terror from the region", he said.

"We always look at that; but again, its a suspension and not a cutoff".

Noting that the "previous administrations have tried to exercise what they might call strategic patience or offering inducements like Kerry-Lugar-Berman bill which gave billions of dollars to Pakistan", the official said none of it has worked so far.

"This reinforces our stance that the terrorist safe havens in Afghanistan are being used for attacks on Pakistani territory", said Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal at his weekly news briefing in Islamabad.

In a statement, Abdullah underlined the need for the complete execution of an agreement between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the UN Refugee Agency in this matter.

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