Officials confirm 5 flu-related deaths in Houston area this season

The number of flu deaths in any year is between 80 and 120 people

The number of flu deaths in any year is between 80 and 120 people

In the previous season, 219 people died in North Carolina from the flu. Penny Borenstein, county health officer, in a news release about the first confirmed death.

Ten people have died of flu-related deaths in San Luis Obispo County since December 10, according to Ann McDowell, an epidemiologist with the SLO County Public Health Department. The hospital said the move was consistent with state and federal laws, The Dallas Morning News reported.

"The impact of flu is very serious this year, across the nation and here in SLO County", said Dr. A Houston doctor said local hospital beds were at capacity, telling flu sufferers they might be better off staying at home.

Dr. Chang says people with flu symptoms shouldn't worry about lack of insurance or money, that it's much more important to be treated. In Houston, area hospitals have filled up, including Texas Children's Hospital, where a quarter of patients are being treated for the flu.

Ehresmann noted that even in a perfectly matched year, the vaccine will not prevent every case of flu.

"Nearly 13 percent of the people showing up to emergency rooms [in the Houston area] are due to flu-like symptoms", said Porfirio Villarreal, spokesperson, city of Houston Health Department.

Emergency rooms are crowded and ambulances are in high demand. "We have been at widespread for the past three weeks". This month, HISD reported 16 reports of flu-like illness with students and just one confirmed case so far.

Wayne State has won both the inauguralAlana Yaksich National College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' (MDHHS) 2017-18 Michigan College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge for medium-sized schools. Despite the increase, they said they're prepared to fight the flu for all residents in need. Vaccinating students against the flu is one way to keep them healthy and focused on their academic success. The children's vaccine is available at all of DCHHS' immunization clinics. Grey said flu season hits hardest in February, but this year she's seen it begin to rise in January.

Flu vaccines are covered by most insurance plans.

While the effectiveness of this year's flu vaccine has been questioned, federal health officials maintain that some vaccine is better than none.

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