Mike Tyson Starts Marijuana Empire With 'Tyson Ranch'

CREDIT Getty Images

CREDIT Getty Images

Tyson, 51, the former world champion heavyweight boxer who was convicted of rape in IN in the 1990s, continued to take another step toward a personal comeback with the business deal, SFGate.com said.The farm is located in the desert town of California City, 60 miles south of Death Valley. Tyson has purchased 40 acres of land in California City, a town with a population of just 15,000 people southwest of Death Valley.

The plans come on the heels of the state's new law legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

Tyson is reportedly a long-time believer in the medicinal properties of marijuana, according to The Blast, and aims to use the ranch as a place to forward research into the healing properties of cannabis.

One of Tyson's partners, Robert Hickman, says that the facility will be a desert oasis built on the underdeveloped land.

California City is expecting a big boom in cannabis production and development as the "Green Rush" hits California now that marijuana is officially legal as of midnight.

There will be a "Tyson Cultivation School" to educate growers on the latest methods to flawless various marijuana strains.

It will also have a Tyson Cultivation School to teach farmers how to develop and flawless their own strains, a luxury "glamping" campground with cabins, and an amphitheatre.

Mike Tyson will open a marijuana resort that will specialise in high-quality THC.

Los Angeles and other nearby cities outside of West Hollywood have not finalized their local permitting rules so licenses to businesses in those jurisdictions are yet to be granted.

Tyson admitted that he declined the invitation because he was a "closet smoker" and didn't want word getting out that he used the drug.

He tested positive for marijuana following a 2000 win over Andrew Golota, a decision that was later changed to "no contest". Tyson has also been a long-time advocate for medicinal marijuana, as a number of National Basketball Association and NFL players have over the years.

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