Microsoft brings end-to-end encryption to Skype through Signal partnership

Signal partners with Microsoft to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype jlund on 11 Jan 2018

Signal partners with Microsoft to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype jlund on 11 Jan 2018

End-to-end encryption will be provided for text messages, audio calls, as well as several types of files.

Skype has been the holdout when it comes to encrypting messages with all the other big players including end-to-end encryption either by default or as an option. What this means is that Skype's end-to-end encryption is not a complete one; but kudos to Microsoft for adding it in the first place. Each private conversation's content will be hidden in both the chat list and from notifications for better privacy.

Security is a big concern for many users and while most typically think of that as meaning you protect your PC from malware, there are also easy ways to protect your conversations as well.

After you're done talking, you can delete the Private Conversation if you believe it's not worth keeping. 'You can only participate in a private conversation from a single device at a time.

Skype's Private Conversations feature is based on the open-source Signal Protocol and offers several unique features, including device-specific threads and more. Please submit feedback and let us know what you think! It may be a while before this feature is released to all users.

Skype had the potential to be what WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are now.

Private Conversation capabilities are limited.

For the time being, Private Conversations are available for Insiders using Skype version for iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows Desktop. The comms biz was part of the NSA's PRISM surveillance network, which punted emails, chat logs, VoIP traffic, files transfers, and other private stuff at the American intelligence agency - and Microsoft was a founding member of PRISM back in 2007. You can share your experience with us by using the comment box below.

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