Kremlin bashes Senate Dems' report accusing Russian Federation of election meddling

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The report states that Russian Federation and its President, Vladimir Putin, have interfered in other countries' affairs and politics, spreading "misinformation", and that Russian Federation has also funded "far-right political causes" and manipulated energy supplies "long before 2016", The New York Times reported, referring to Russia's interference in the 2016 Presidential election in the United States.

On Wednesday, U.S. Senate Democrats hammered President Trump in a report claiming his administration "has largely ignored" the ongoing threat of Russian meddling created to undermine democracies across the Western world. Plenty, writes Ben Cardin.

Although President Trump has previously said he accepted the conclusion of the USA intelligence community, he reversed course after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a November trip to Asia. The congressional and the FBI investigations into the Russian meddling have haunted Trump, thwarting Russia's hopes for better ties with the US under his administration.

The Washington DC city council voted to rename the street outside Russia's embassy complex after Boris Nemtsov, who was shot outside the Kremlin in 2015, the BBC reported. "It will continue to develop and refine its arsenal to use on democracies around the world, including against US elections in 2018 and 2020".

The report warns that unless the USA acts to counter the threat soon, Moscow will grow only more aggressive.

The Kremlin on Thursday rejected a report published by US Senators that accuses Russian Federation of interfering in elections in 19 countries.

Among more than three dozen recommendations, the report calls for Trump to establish an interagency "fusion cell" to tackle Russian influence operations to forge better cooperation among the State Department, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, intelligence community, and other agencies. Fried applauded the idea but said it would need sufficient interagency buy-in and a very senior official at the helm to be effective.

According to the report, the Kremlin also views the Nordic nations of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland as "a favourite target of Kremlin's propaganda machine when it comes to asserting that the West is in a state of moral decline". The new designation would slap escalatory sanctions on any country that subverts democratic institutions or engages in other forms of so-called hybrid warfare.

The report was produced without Republican input, which gives it a partisan cast it does not deserve, especially since it acknowledges that the threat posed by Mr. Putin existed before the current administration came to office.

This activity would be troubling at any time, but more so now when the president has denied there has been Russian meddling, refused to criticize Mr. Putin and has seemed more interested in rewarding Moscow than confronting it.

Other recommendations include working more closely with USA allies in Europe on a joint approach to deterring Russia and cyberthreats, pressing social-media companies like Facebook and Twitter to be more transparent in political advertising, and reducing European imports of Russian natural gas and oil.

The report, a year in the making, is meant to ratchet up pressure on Trump, who has repeatedly skirted questions about Russia's election meddling. "I believe him.", that helps Putin.

First, US President Donald Trump must provide unequivocal presidential leadership to mobilise our own government and the American people. "I am confident that this report will be embraced by Democrats and Republicans".

The White House did not immediately provide a comment on the matter after The Daily Beast's request.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Sen. "Corker is more interested in legislating and may not see as much value in these sorts of initiatives, writing reports", he said.

The report accuses Putin of leading two decades worth of election meddling across the globe.


Instead he should build a strategy for "education ministries, civil society, and independent news organisations" to front the defence against Russian interference. In July 2017, the Senate passed sweeping new sanctions against Russian Federation in a 98-2 vote.

The report by Senate Democrats didn't raise eyebrows in European capitals, where purported cases of Russian meddling are already widely known or reported.

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