Internet Can't Stop Laughing At Oregon For Panicking Over Pumping Gas

Angry Oregonians the butt of jokes as new law forces some citizens to pump their own gas for first time

Oregonians Come to Terms with Pumping Their Own Gas

Thanks to a new law that took effect Monday, residents in some rural OR counties will soon be allowed to pump their own gas.

Perkins told the Bulletin it was quite possible that the local drivers had no idea how to use a gas pump.

An Oregon newspaper called "The Oregonian" went live on Facebook Wednesday, January 3, to give a step-by-step demonstration to show how it's done. Jim Bryant suggested he was going to move to OR to teach residents how pump their fuel, as well as tie their own shoelaces, dress themselves, count past 10 and operate a can opener. Now they protect me from transients who were otherwise ready to strike at me the moment I exited my vehicle to pump gas in my office attire in 5 degree MI weather.

As of Monday, the only other state in the mandate full-service gas legalized self-service pumps in half of its counties. Since this change took effect, New Jersey remains the lone state that prohibits self-service stations. Many people are not capable of knowing how to pump gas and the hazards of not doing it correctly.

Darlene Forseth, manager at Main Station Express in Prineville and Justin Bidiman, owner of the Metolius Market in Metolius, said they will continue relying on attendants since their stations are not equipped for self-service. "Five dollar sign-up fee, learn to pump gas safely!"

In 2015, legislation was passed to allow motorists to pump their own gas at night in rural areas of the state, even in cases where the stations were technically open.

"Our experience after nearly 13 years is that out-of-state residents are very capable of dispensing [their] fuel and the majority of Oregonians delight in being able to if we are swamped", Downs said. "I say NO THANKS!", one punter wrote angrily in response to a news story about the change, despite it not in fact being a poll. Besides I don't want to go to work smelling of gas when I get it on my hands or clothes. "I agree Very bad idea", another wrote.

Another likened residents to people in infomercials who can't perform menial tasks.

In the vast majority of states across the USA, if you want gasoline, you have to pump it yourself.

"I grew up, born and raised in Washington, and I think it's silly that we can't pump our gas, or couldn't before", Andrew Hoggate of Lyle, Washington said.

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