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Instagram Stories can soon be used as Whats App Status

Instagram tests letting users post Stories directly to WhatsApp

The social media giant - Facebook is reportedly running a small test for the time being and is allowing users to share their Instagram stories as WhatsApp status. This feature is just like Snapchat's feature where users can post videos and pictures which disappear after 24 hours.

You could soon post your Instagram "Stories" directly to Whatsapp.

Instagram Stories, by design a clone of Snapchat's once defining feature, have been rapidly growing in popularity ever since their introduction back in March, 2017. In October past year, the company allowed users to post their Instagram Stories directly to Facebook.

Similar to the user's page, now the hashtags will also have a follow option. As mentioned, the feature is now under works and is available only to select users. However, once they do, it will be useful to those who have a habit of sharing their Instagram Story on Facebook Stories and WhatsApp Status. The feature is now being tested with a small number of users. The move will surely benefit' both Instagram and WhatsApp as will make it easier for users to share on a cross-platform. It doesn't seem like it's lacking for active users - Facebook said WhatsApp Status has over 300 million daily active users - but it never hurts to have more people onboard. Facebook somewhat addressed that by making it possible to cross-post Instragram Stories to Facebook Stories, though how many users are taking advantage of that ability isn't clear. This new feature could be helpful to encourage users from a different demographic to contribute their perspective adding more diversity to the story.

Remember the days of SMS when outgoing messages became expensive on holidays, and you would really pick and choose the people you wanted to text?

Snapchat is also working on "Stories Everywhere" feature.

Altogether all this will help Facebook to grow, it's for overall engagement and traffic footprint.

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