Ikea offers crib discount to pregnant mums who pee on its ad

Ikea pregnancy

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If you haven't heard already, Swedish agency Åkestam Holst has created a magazine ad for IKEA that encourages women to pee on it-the ad itself-for discounts, reports Adweek!

It may be hard to digest, but IKEA is really asking women to pee on an advertisement to get more information about the available discount.

In a home pregnancy test, if a woman has enough of the pregnancy hormone hCG, the test strip will change color to indicate she's pregnant.

The add, now running in Sweden, reads "Peeing on this ad may change your life" and when an expectant mother urinates on it, a discount code for a crib is revealed.

The ad is understandably turning a lot of heads, and some are calling it sexist.

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'Peeing on this may change your life': Ikea advert doubles as free pregnancy test and discount voucher

The ad is now running in the Swedish magazine Amelia, according to Adweek.

IKEA - Pee Ad from Ourwork on Vimeo.

The agency worked with industrial technology firm Mercene Labs to deliver the ambitious project. Now, companies are trying their best to introduce quirky ways to get customers more involved in order to earn some discounts. If you are expecting, a new, discounted price for the crib will appear in red below the original amount. I mean, not only has is the idea out-of-the-box but also in line with IKEA's "Where Life Happens" theme.

The initiative by the maker of Billy bookshelves and Lack tables might not have raised eyebrows if it weren't for the crude instructions provided: the top of the magazine's page says "Peeing on this ad may change your life".

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