Movie theater chain in Olympia launches discount ticket club

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Cinemark Introduces Monthly Movie Membership Program, But Is It A Threat To MoviePass?

Movie Club's economics make sense compared even to MoviePass, if one goes only to Cinemark theaters in groups, purchases concessions while there, and doesn't go incredibly often. (The service does roll over unused tickets to future months, so subscribers can save their tickets from historically slow January and February for the blockbuster summer months.) Fans attracted to the all-you-can-eat approach MoviePass offers are likely to find themselves disappointed.

Customers can see one movie per day at any theater in the U.S.

But now an actual movie theater chain is responding with a similar plan.

But Cinemark's model is designed for a different type of consumer. MoviePass has attempted to crack that code with mixed results and now Cinemark is attempting their own brand of monthly offering. Mark Zoradi, CEO of Cinemark, told CNNMoney the club is geared toward millennials who are used to paying monthly fees for things like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify. In fact Regal's Crown Club is free, and rewards moviegoers like a frequent flyer program with multiple visits yielding free tickets and concessions. Cinemark Movie Club members may purchase an additional $8.99 ticket to the same screening, as well as up to two tickets for an unlimited amount of movie showings at the same $8.99 per ticket price.

While some chains, like AMC, have criticized MoviePass for teaching consumers to under-value their product, others-including Cinemark, which will continue to accept MoviePass-see empty seats as a bigger threat to their model than a discounted ticket price for subscribers.

Most studios at the current minute don't mind MoviePass: the app ticket service isn't taking any money out of their pocket -meaning there isn't any negative impact on a major studio's rentals- and any service that encourages moviegoing is good for business.

While most people get their content online in an increasingly digital world, we shouldn't forget where most of it came from - the movie theater.

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