Google Pulls Down Apps Section From The Web Store On Google Chrome

Enlarge  The Chrome Web Store

Enlarge The Chrome Web Store

Google followed through: Chrome browser users will no longer be able to access or install any apps from the Chrome Web Store.

The removal of apps from the Chrome Web Store was actually first announced by Google back in August 2016.

More than a year after the announcement, Google Chrome is finally pulling the plug on its "Apps" section from the Chrome Web Store on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. PWAs can work across multiple browsers even on mobile devices, and can deliver an app-like experience to desktop websites.

As explained in the report, there were two broad types of Chrome apps available to users.

Starting today you will not be able to find apps section on your chrome browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Yesterday, Google kept its promise by completely removing apps from the Chrome Web Store. Google has started sending out emails to Chrome app developers telling them that Chrome Apps are deprecated, and while previously installed apps still work, the functionality will be stripped out of Chrome in Q1 2018. Add to that, most of the hosted apps were, in fact, already implemented as regular Web apps. Additional enhancements to the Chrome apps platform will apply only to Chrome OS devices, including kiosks.

Google said, that the apps already installed in Chrome shall no longer functional by early 2018.

Progressive Web Apps are not Chrome-specific. "We have been investigating ways to simplify the transition for developers that depend on exclusive Chrome App APIs, and will continue to focus on this - in particular the Sockets, HID and Serial APIs". Because of this, other companies are jumping on the PWA bandwagon: it works on Samsung Android phones in the Samsung browser, Firefox on Android, and Opera on Android. The company has sent an email to developers, in which it was mentioned that Google was working to bring Progressive Web Apps to desktop and that it was planning to launch in the mid of 2018.

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