Astronauts Made Pizzas in Space

Throwing pizzas in space

SCREENGRAB NASA THROWN Once prepared astronauts chucked the pizzas to each other like frisbees in zero gravity

He mentioned that he was really missing his favourite food Pizza, so NASA chose to send him up the ingredients. "Since the ISS is completely enclosed, the microbes inside the station come from the people on the ISS and the supplies sent to them".

Included on the craft were prepackaged crusts, a squeeze bottle full of pizza sauce, spreadable cheese and toppings including olives and pepperoni.

Because everything in microgravity floats, the astronauts were careful to tether things down while slapping ingredients onto their pizza.

"What works when you're preparing a recipe for eight doesn't necessarily work when you're scaling it up for 200", she said.

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli recorded video of an aurora from the International Space Station.

Nespoli, who has been on the ISS since July, is scheduled to leave the station and land in Kazakhstan on December 14 along with Bresnik and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky. But space pizza? Well, just see for yourself.

While the menu is fairly expansive, everyone is bound to miss some of their favorite foods, like pizza.

In the footage published on Twitter, the astronauts can be seen sticking the ingredients on before spinning them as they float around the cabin.

The International Space Station has been colonized by thousands of microbe species, according to a new study in the journal PeerJ. Today he has safely returned to Earth.

It will be critical to understand how bacteria lives and thrives in space as humans build ships that will carry astronauts off deep into the solar system.

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