Google Yanks YouTube From Amazon's Echo Show And Fire TV Devices

Echo Show loses You Tube support Fire TV will soon follow

Google Starts Blocking YouTube on Fire TV, Echo Show

Not only has Google blocked the Echo Show from YouTube again, it has expanded the block to include Fire TV devices. In November, Amazon managed to add YouTube support back onto the Echo Show, but that it was a more basic web-based interface.

In a statement, Google said, "Amazon doesn't carry Google products like Chromecast and Google Home, doesn't make (its) Prime Video available for Google Cast users, and last month stopped selling some of (our sister company) Nest's latest products".

The Echo Show app will stop working today and the Fire TV version will stop working January 1st 2018.

According to a Google spokesperson who shared a statement with CNET, Google has been "trying to reach agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other's products and services".

This drastic measure comes a few months after Google blocked YouTube access for Amazon's Echo Show device. "We hope we can reach an agreement to resolve these issues soon".

Amazon stopped selling Google Chromecast in 2015, which the company said was because Chromecast didn't' work well with Prime Video.

In September, Google pulled YouTube from Amazon's Echo Show, the Seattle based firm's voice enabled artificial intelligence product that also features a screen.

Google and Amazon have been in discussions for a long time to try and have a more mutually beneficial relationship, but it sounds like it hasn't been going well.

If the fight between Amazon and Google is not resolved, it raises the prospect consumers will be forced into purchasing a growing number of competing devices to access online services they could once access through one device. Whether or not this move will work, or further escalate this product war between Google and Amazon, remains to be seen. The apparent goal was to push its own video streaming hardware instead. Similarly, Amazon Prime Video doesn't support Google's Cast feature, making it hard to get video to a big screen for Android users.

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