Monster Hunter Stories Has Made Its Way to Smartphones in Japan

Monster Hunter World Companion and Barroth

One of the returning monsters is the Barroth which loves rolling around in mud to create an armour of dried dirt

If you've been a big fan of Monster Hunter, then you're probably excited about the next installment, Monster Hunter: World which is coming out next year.

In an official Capcom Unity blog post, Capcom revealed that the Monster Hunter: World beta will start at 9:00 a.m. PT on December 9 and end at 8:59 a.m. PT on December 12, for three whole days of hunting.

Elsewhere, you can pick from six different male and female hunter presets in the beta, as well as six Palico presets. Each of the beta's quests can be played alone of with a group of up to three other players, but the PS4 will need to be connected to the internet either way.

In addition to requiring a Plus subscription, expect the beta to take up 5.9 GB of free space. In the Wildspire Waste, a massive, dry expanse with swamplands, you can face off against the intermediate level mud-slinging Barroth. There will also be 14 different types of weapons to choose from, each offering different play styles and can be switched around during quests and while at camp. Capcom said that players who complete quests in the beta will be rewarded with some "useful bonus items" in the full game.

Are you looking forward to Monster Hunter: World?

Certain online features found in the final game, says Capcom, will not be available during the beta: namely, the ability to join midway through a quest and to remove other players from a quest, as well as friend invites and Guild Cards. The video is in Japanese, but it runs over nine minutes long and shows off the game's story, some of the major NPCs, its breathtaking environment, and several gameplay elements.

Hunting monsters in high-definition (HD) is about to become a virtual reality, as "Monster Hunter World" has just announced its the release of the beta version of the game.

Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn will also be in Monster Hunter: World.

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