Trump welcomes Paul's return to Washington

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Paul entered the chamber, hands by his sides, to cast a vote Monday night.

Senator Rand Paul is back at work in Washington D.C. after police said his neighbor attacked him 10 days ago. Sen.

As Paul arrived in the Capitol, a smiling Sen. "While I'm still in a good deal of pain, I will be returning to work in the Senate today, ready to fight for liberty and help move forward with tax cuts in the coming days and weeks", Sen.

While initial reports suggested the two men were disputing over lawn issues, the senator tweeted articles last week questioning those explanations. Boucher pleaded not guilty Thursday to misdemeanor fourth degree assault charges.

Police said Sen. Paul's neighbor, Rene Boucher, attacked him while he was mowing his lawn in Bowling Green. Trump said on the final day of his lengthy trip to Asia that Paul would "help us with TAX CUTS and REFORM!"

Paul told The Washington Examiner that he had not spoken to Boucher for a decade before the attack and that he could not conceive of a motive, but that "there is going to be a criminal prosecution".

Boucher is accused of tackling Paul as he climbed off a ride-on mower while wearing ear protectors, meaning he did not hear the hit coming.

Boucher's lawyer has said the alleged attack was motivated "by a dispute most people would find trivial".

Warren County Attorney Amy Milliken said Boucher faces a possible 12-month sentence and $500 fine for fourth-degree assault, but state police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were continuing to investigate the case. He has not elaborated.

The 54-year-old junior Republican senator from Kentucky said on November 3 that his long-time neighbour, Rene Boucher, also a physician, tackled him from behind when he was mowing the lawn at his house, breaking six ribs and causing a pleural effusion, which is a build-up of fluid in the tissues that line the lungs and chest, which resulted in difficulty breathing, Efe news reported. Paul's senior adviser Doug Stafford has denied the two men had a dispute of any kind, saying Paul had not had a conversation with Boucher in years. "This was not a 'fight, ' it was a blindside, violent attack by a disturbed person", Stafford said in a statement.

Paul's office has declined to comment on that.

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