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Is 'Black Friday' becoming 'Black November?'

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips for 2017

November 24, 2017, aka Black Friday, is rapidly approaching. The consumer co-op says it will process no online orders on Friday, but will pay all 12,000 employees (even hourly workers) for their time, and encourage everyone to delay their holiday shopping frenzy an extra day and instead spend it outside. There is no reason to stand in line out in the cold and risk life and limb to get a hold of the last $500 TV - the same deal is probably available somewhere online.

Want to get a jump on Black Friday shopping? Choose your retailers, check deals against your wish list, and lay out your plan to maximize savings.

Chances are there will be a lot of well priced Nintendo Switch bundles over Black Friday.

Argos's eagerly anticipated Black Friday bonanza will kick-off tomorrow - Wednesday 15 November - and run for 14 consecutive days through to Cyber Monday.

Many consumers have experienced frustration and lost money they can not afford to lose after being lured in by prices too good to be true. Some of the best deals are only available online, but be careful.

Simply put, Black Friday does not have to be as hysterical as it usually is.

Do you have favorite retailers?

Sign-up for email alerts. That can mean the only way to benefit from the discount is if you are at the front of the lineup outside the store. Just make sure it's the real business and not a scammer. How much of that holiday shopping will show up on your credit card? Another 23 percent said it is when they start their holiday shopping. CR has already weighed in on the Black Friday deals at Best Buy, Costco, Dell, BJ's, Target, and Walmart.

"Sites like call out online and in-store event timing for every single store", Shelton told TODAY. How can you know which sale is really the best value? In some cases, comparison shopping isn't even possible. Be alert to merchandise that is sold as a "final sale" item.

When asked what they enjoy the most about shopping during the holidays, 35 percent said it is a family tradition while 23 percent said they most enjoy holiday decorations and displays; 18 percent cited finding the flawless gift for someone. The BBB advises consumers to take their time and plan ahead for the best rewards of shopping during the holidays. While getting a deal is important, do not put yourself and others in jeopardy.

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