Thanks to democracy, there will be a Sydney ferry named Ferry McFerryface

Victor Chang Ferry on Sydney Harbour

Victor Chang Ferry on Sydney Harbour Karyn Hannah incat

Sydneysiders were encouraged to vote on names for the new ferries through the Name Your Ferry website and using the #yourferry hashtag.

Now, Australia will welcome the newest addition to the viral online trend that has captured the hearts of the world - everyone, welcome Ferry McFerryface to Sydney Harbour. The actual victor of the online poll was "Boaty McBoatface", which became an internet hit when the name was chosen by a similar poll for a British scientific research vessel.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said Boaty McBoatface was the most popular vote, following a public vote in the United Kingdom to name a new polar research ship.

But "this one is for the kids" Mr Constance reiterated on Monday.

The gag is becoming a common theme since the British ship got its name.

Over 15,000 different names were submitted to the competition.

Ferry McFerryFace was the second most popular choice, with the most votes actually going to the name Boaty McBoatface. Welcome to Sydney, Ferry McFerryFace.

"Ferry McFerryface" and the rest of the new fleet will each have capacity for 400 customers, as well as improved accessibility for people with disabilities, wi-fi access and charging stations for electronic devices. Since then, an express train in Sweden was reportedly named Trainy McTrainface and a racehorse in Sydney was named Horsey McHorseface previous year.

The original Boaty McBoatface vote ended with the vessel being named RSS Sir David Attenborough, with a smaller submersible taking the title.

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