Sharif's Paper Mills case: Pakistan SC to form new bench

It seems that the office has not read my verdict on Panama Leaks case said Justice Khosa

It seems that the office has not read my verdict on Panama Leaks case said Justice Khosa

The plea had been filed against the verdict of the Lahore High Court, which had quashed the case in 2014, following the revelations made by a report of Panama Papers case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that had also recommended that the case should be reopened.

The bench, headed by Justice Khosa and comprising Justice Dost Mohammad Khan and Justice Mazhar Alam Miankhel, was constituted on Friday.

He said he had already written 14 paragraphs on the instant mater and issued orders for reopening of the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case in the verdict delivered in the Panama Leaks case on April 20, 2017.

A three-member Supreme Court (SC) bench formed to hear National Accountability Bureau (NAB) appeal to reopen Hudaibiya Papers Mills against Sharif family was dissolved on Monday and a new bench will be formed.

Justice Khosa's 192-page note had directed the NAB to proceed against Dar in connection with Hudabiya Paper Mills reference wherein he was not an accused person when the said reference was quashed by the LHC, which also barred the reinvestigation and set aside Dar's confessional statement.

The bench has now been disbanded and a new bench will be formede by the chief justice. Justice Khosa, the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court, was heading a five-member larger bench of the apex court that gave a historic verdict on July 28 in the Panama Papers case, disqualifying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for being dishonest while failing to disclose his un-withdrawn salary as chairman of the UAE-based offshore company Capital FZE. NAB had appealed to the apex court against LHC's 2014 decision to acquit Nawaz Sharif and several members of his family in the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case.

The legal fraternity hailed both these decisions of the apex court judge.

Hudaibiya Paper Mills had7 directors: Mian Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Abbas Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz, Hussain Nawaz, Sabiha Abbas and Shamim Akhtar.

The Sharif family had earlier chose to challenge the bench of the Apex court formed for hearing the NAB appeal seeking reopening of the Hudaibiya papers mills reference. "The reopening of this case is said to be the real reason behind Ishaq Dar's summary departure from the country through a circuitous route - first on government expense to Dushanbe and then privately onto Saudi Arabia where Nawaz Sharif was resident at the time, and then onwards to London; and his refusal to step down as the country's finance minister while extending his stay in London indefinitely ostensibly for medical reasons, PTI stalwarts told Business Recorder".

The NAB pleaded with the court to set the hearing next week.

The LHC had quashed the case as the PML-N continued to claim that Dar's statement was taken under duress. He said if the Supreme Court judgment comes against the LHC verdict then how it could hear the appeal.

That reference was struck down by a referee judge of the Lahore High Court on March 11, 2014 in response to a writ petition filed in 2011 stating that Dar's confession was coerced.

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