Hardik's hotel room video with woman adds 'sleaze' to Gujarat polls

Gujarat election Hardik Patel's glory may fizzle out

Watch: Congress-bound Patidar leader Hardik Patel's sex tape goes viral ahead of Gujarat polls

Commenting on the sex clip purportedly showing him, the 24-year-old Patidar leader said it was the beginning of dirty politics and the BJP would release many more such "morphed" videos to defame him ahead of polls. He predicted that BJP might release a "fake sex CD" to win the Gujarat Elections and called it a "typical" BJP move. The firebrand leader may have taken the entire episode in his stride but it created a political maelstrom with diverse reactions from the political class. Sardar Patel Group's Lalji Patel, which like PAAS has been working for Patidar reservation via an apolitical movement, said: "Hardik has fallen in this trap due to his immaturity".

Throwing a challenge at PM Modi, Hardik said the people of Gujarat can not be fooled by such gimmicks. "However, I will fight back and you will see a stronger Hardik Patel emerge from this". I am not anxious about my reputation but about the woman. They have no respect for people.

He pointed out that sometime ago, BJP insiders floated such a video of one of their own leaders Sanjay Joshi.

Hardik said that he is "amused" that the BJP is so "petrified" of his existence in the political sphere.

Hardik was reportedly in a core committee meeting of PAAS in Gujarat's Gandhinagar when the video went viral. They are actually making me bigger than even I consider myself to be.

In a leaked video-CD, which was aired in some of the local news channels, Patel was seen to be with a woman in a hotel room. "This was panned by BJP to secure around 50 seats in the election but I don't care", he said. However, the BJP distanced itself from the sex tape, saying it has nothing to do with it.

The BJP rubbished Patels allegation and dared him to file a police complaint.

"I may be subjected to this sort of treatment but is this not derogatory to the women of Gujarat", he asked today, adding his concern for the woman who features in the video.

Hardik said on Twitter it is an insult to the women of Gujarat.

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