Confirmed: Paige Backstage at WWE RAW

Paige to make WWE return on Raw

Paige to return to WWE

Below is a fan photo of Paige arriving at Raw tonight, but to clarify, it's not the photo she posted on Instagram. Whether or not she will be used on television remains to be seen, but we have definitive proof that she is in the building.

WWE announced that both Reigns and Bray Wyatt were dealing with "medical issues" resulting in their being replaced on the card. Some stability and being around her friends in WWE can only be seen as a positive. He was also absent from WWE's European tour as he waited to be cleared to return from the illness.

Paige was then suspended for a second time in October 2016 for violating the company's "talent wellness policy".

The other return has been a long-awaited one as it looks as if Paige will be returning to WWE TV either on tonight's RAW or tomorrow's SmackDown event. There is a triple threat match scheduled tonight between Mickie James, Bayley, and Dana Brooke to determine the final member of the team, so it's expected that Paige will be added to the match. is reporting tonight's episode of WWE RAW has undergone a number of updates today, most notably resulting in The Shield's in-ring reunion / return taking place on tonight's show.

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