'Three people' stabbed in 'terrifying' Macy's shopping centre attack

At least two people were reportedly stabbed at the first floor Macy's in the Mall of America in Minnesota Sunday night

Two people reportedly stabbed at Mall of America

Police are investigatinga stabbing at the Mall of America.

One person was stabbed in the back; another was stabbed multiple times.

Cops wrote on Twitter that a suspect, who was also injured, was taken into custody.

One of the victims was trying on clothes with a group of friends or family members in the men's department at Macy's shortly before 6:45 p.m., Potts said. When the owner of the property confronted him, the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim.

The victim was stabbed, and started to yell for help.

There is a large police presence at the mall as authorities investigate the incident. Though she didn't see the reported stabbing, she said she heard a man scream, "He got me, he got me", and saw people fleeing the area.

Bloomington police said officers were at the scene but offered no further information.

Police Chief Jeff Potts said, "There have been two adult males that have been taken to the hospital and have what are described as non-life-threatening injuries".

It is not believed the suspect knew the victims.

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