Third missing Chinese student may be victim of ransom scam, police say

Yue ‘Kandy’ Liu

Three Chinese students go missing in Canada in scam where they are told to 'go into hiding and stay off social media or their relatives will get hurt'

Toronto police Friday said they believe two Chinese students reported missing this week are the victims of a scam meant to extort large sums from their families, according to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The students, police allege, were warned that their family back home in China would be in danger if they did not comply.

These people then contact the students' families in China, telling them their child has been kidnapped and demand a large ransom.

No actual abductions are believed to have taken place.

Allyson Douglas-Cook, a media officer with the Toronto Police Service, said Saturday evening that Juanwen Zhang, 20, had made contact with police and is "safe and sound".

And Ke (Jaden) Xu, 16, who was last seen in on November 9, was located on Monday morning in Ontario.

Investigators have not yet released any information about possible suspects in the case. He had been last seen Thursday morning in the Eglinton and Midland avenues area.

Xu was last seen at 10:30 a.m. ET on November 9, around Eglinton Avenue East and Midland Avenue.

"When she actually turned on her phone she was inundated with messages advising her that it was actually a scam and she was not in danger and her family was not in danger and it was at that point she contacted police", she said.

Liu became aware it was a scam Sunday night and contacted police explained, Sidhu.

He is described as six-feet, one-inch tall with a thin build.

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