Rudy Gobert out for weeks with leg injury

Jazz shootaround Even without a superstar Heat are still plenty dangerous — as Jazz have found out the hard way

Report: Dion Waiters's "Dirty Play" Will Cost Rudy Gobert A Month

Utah wrote in a press release that they're going to be without Rudy Gobert for at least the next month after an MRI revealed a right tibia contusion, which occurred during Friday's game against the Miami Heat.

Dion Waiters went after a loose ball during Friday's contest and fell into Gobert, which caused his knee to bend inward.

Two days after being accused of making a dirty play, Heat guard Dion Waiters defended himself.

After the injury, Gobert was miffed by the way Waiters crashed into his knee. I know that my ligaments were fine, so it was just pain. The Jazz played small Saturday in a 114-106 win against the Nets, moving Derrick Favors to center. "I think it was a dirty play, but no matter what the most important thing is to keep getting better and to win tomorrow".

After being informed of Gobert's comment, Waiters was quick to defend his character, saying that he had no intention of hurting the Jazz's center during the play, per Andre Fernandez of The Miami Herald. He tweeted, "Dove for the ball right ..." accompanied by video of the play.

Gobert said he suffered a similar injury to his MCL and said his knee popped inside and then back out. He is now the frontrunner to win the Defensive Player of the Year award. Stay tuned for the latest Rudy Gobert injury update.

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