Number of Indian students in USA rises by 12.3%

Indian students accounted for 17.3% of the total foreign students in the US in 2016-17

Indian students accounted for 17.3% of the total foreign students in the US in 2016-17

California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania and MA are the top five U.S. states receiving Indian students and each saw an increase in worldwide students in 2016-17, according to the 2017 "Open Doors Report" released Monday.

The Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, published by the Institute of International Education, was released Monday.

The majority of Indian students in the U.S. study at the graduate level, the report said, adding in 2016-17, their breakdown was: 11.8 per cent undergraduate; 56.3 per cent graduate students; 1.2 per cent other; and 30.7 per cent OPT (Optional Practical Training) Last year, Indian students in United States colleges and universities contributed Dollars 6.54 billion to the USA economy, the report said, citing a Department of Commerce figure. And the current US social and political environment presents challenges for future worldwide student recruitment. The state's fall 2015 enrollment was a 5.6 percent increase from the prior year.

Ohio State University had 7,684 worldwide students in 2016, ranking first in the state and 17th in the U.S.

The number of American students studying in India dropped from 4,438 to 4,181 with India ranking 15. It was followed by Kent State University (3,625), Miami University (2,654), Case Western Reserve University (2,565), Wright State University (2,372), University of Toledo (2,200), Cleveland State University (1,973), University of Dayton (1,837), Ohio University (1,588) and the University of Akron (1,367).

The Open Doors reported was published by the IIE, after an annual statistical survey on global students in the USA in October this year.

Notably, the number of new worldwide students - those enrolled at a United States institution for the first time in Fall 2016 - declined by almost 10,000 students dropping down to a total of 291,000; a 3% decrease from the previous year. "The report tracks every student coming from overseas but it doesn't include exactly why or why not the numbers fell".

USA colleges seek foreign students to bolster enrollment and their budgets, for those students generally pay full tuition and fees.

About 325,000 Americans studied overseas a year ago, while almost 1.1 million worldwide students came to colleges here.

"Institutions reported they are continuing to prioritise global student outreach and recruitment in Asia, particularly China (67 per cent), Vietnam (51 per cent), and India (48 per cent)", the report said. Numbers might also be skewed because some Chinese students are entering the attend high school and then enrolling into college here. "There's a lot that institutions and others can be doing to still turn this around". The number of students from the U.S. coming to India to study for credits in their home universities decreased by 5 per cent in 2016.

No one factor led to the decline in new students, Goodman said during a phone conference with reporters last week.

An F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa for those looking to study in the US.

Institutions are concerned about recruitment for Fall 2018, particularly from the Middle East and North Africa and Asia.

"Through study overseas, our students are developing global mindsets that reflect intercultural curiosity, understanding and empathy, and the impact they can have on the greater good in the world", said Taylor. Brazil saw a 32 percent drop in total students enrolled in US colleges and Saudi Arabia saw a 14 percent drop in total students attending USA institutions.

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