Why Ronan Farrow's Harvey Weinstein Bombshell Did Not Run on NBC

Ronan Farrow speaking with Rachel Maddow on Oct. 10

MSNBC Ronan Farrow speaking with Rachel Maddow on Oct. 10

On Tuesday, The New Yorker published its own exposé on allegations of sexual harassment and rape against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, following a blockbuster report in The New York Times.

For the second time in a year, NBC News has given away a major scoop to another news outlet.

"By several accounts, at least eight women claiming to have been sexually harassed, abused, or assaulted by Weinstein had agreed to go on camera - majority anonymously in shadow, but two alleged victims with their names and faces", according to the Beast. He rejected the idea that the story "wasn't ready to go" and alluded to the idea that NBC may have caved to pressure from the accused. "He definitely never said a word about the New Yorker".

Asked why he filed the story with The New Yorker instead of NBC on Tuesday's The Rachel Maddow Show, Farrow sidestepped the question.

Responded Farrow: "You would have to ask NBC and NBC executives about the details of that story". "I will say that over many years, many news organizations circled this story and faced a great deal of pressure in doing so". I'm not going to comment on any news organization's story that they did or didn't run.

The Daily Beast noted that, internally at NBC, there is a dispute over how many sources Farrow had on the record when he walked out of the door, a sentiment echoed by sources speaking to BuzzFeed News. And immediately, obviously, the New Yorker recognized that. "In fact, there were multiple determinations that it was reportable at NBC". "That is real. And in the course of this reporting, I was threatened with a lawsuit personally by Mr. Weinstein".

News has maintained that the final result of Farrow's reporting, which included three women on the record describing alleged sexual assaults by Weinstein, is "radically different" than the early version he brought to the network.

Two sources told THR that Weinstein's legal team attempted to block Farrow from taking material that he gathered at NBC News to The New Yorker.

What's more, there was some concern within NBC News about whether Farrow's involvement in the story created a conflict of interest.

The Washington Post published the now-infamous Access Hollywood tape that included then-candidate President Donald Trump talking about grabbing women without their permission on October 8.

During her show, Maddow asked Farrow: "So Ronan, you just said that one of these women spoke on camera back in January". But this summer, he received the blessing to take the story elsewhere. The video was leaked to The Washington Post, which broke the story ahead of NBC.

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