University of Hawaii Sent Students An Alarming Email About Nuclear War

University of Hawaii sends email titled 'in the event of a nuclear attack'

University of Hawaii's ominous subject line: "In the event of a nuclear attack"

A University of Hawaii spokesman is apologizing for "needless attention" from an email sent to faculty, staff and students systemwide Monday with the subject line, "In the event of a nuclear attack".

The email is part of a broad state campaign to better prepare residents and visitors for the unlikely but not impossible threat of a nuclear missile attack that North Korea poses to the islands.

For students on one US college campus, the threat of nuclear war with North Korea feels a little closer this week.

This resolution was adopted on 11 September 2017 in response to the activities of the DPRK to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, violating and blatantly ignoring previous resolutions of the UN Security Council, the statement reads.

"It could be the most powerful detonation of an H-bomb in the Pacific", Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho told reporters.

Once a missile is launched from North Korea, there will be less than 20 minutes warning, Miyagi said.

North Korea may fire a batch of short-range missiles next week, according to multiple reports.

While the new measures also include limitations on the sale of refined petroleum products and crude oil, European Union member states will not provide new work permits to North Korean nationals.

The 28-member bloc adopted United Nations restrictions imposed by the Security Council last month to punish Pyongyang for its sixth and largest nuclear test into its own sanctions programme.

Tensions between the USA and North Korea are rising ahead of Trump's plans to visit Asia - including South Korea - in November.

"Because of recent events I think over the last two or three months, (UH) leadership, including emergency managers and communicators, had been getting inquiries from a variety of different members of our community regarding (the North Korea issue), and were wondering what we were doing about it", Meisenzahl said today.

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