Revamped CS:GO Dust 2 Map Returns to Competitive Play

1 of 2New Dust IIImage via Valve

1 of 2New Dust IIImage via Valve

It seems these jokes are for all the right reasons as Valve confirmed that it will re-work the iconic CS: GO Dust 2 map instead of releasing Dust 3.

Dust2 has been around since Counter-Strike 1.1, and the version now in CS:GO is based around the Source revision. According to the released information, the updated version will debut in the next CS: GO beta depot. The time frame of the beta drop is still unclear, but it's very likely that it may arrive in the coming weeks.

CS:GO received its last update earlier this month and it was a pretty minor one.

The tweet Valve published offers a snazzy look at the upcoming rework.

Most of the changes are visual-Valve has quadrupled the texture resolution and changed the art style, opting for a lighter colour palate and a more obvious North African feel, with signs for a Kasbah (basically a fortress), a bazaar and a hotel.

Here's what Valve said about one change to bomb site A, where the broken-down cars in that area have been merged into one.

As someone who spent countless hours in the first dust map, I'd want something to change for Dust2 but not too much that it'll change the entire map layout. When Dust II is returned to the competitive pool, another map will be pulled out of play so it can be fixed up. Until then, players can enjoy the current version of Dust 2.

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