Partly cloudy, cooler Thursday; Sunny Friday

Cloudy conditions to follow Sunday night rain

Local Alert Weather - Mon. PM

Temps will be running slightly cooler than last night with lows in the low 60s with 50s north and west. As we heading into 5/6 pm that's when we will see the most widespread rain.

Overnight lows will drop down near 60 degrees with mostly clear skies and no rain. There is also a slight chance of a thunderstorm popping up but nothing severe. High temperatures Saturday and Sunday will be in the upper 80s. We'll end the week with quiet and dry; Friday morning will be chilly with lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s, then rebound into the 60s for highs. We will only get to the low to mid 70s with rain chances only at 40%.

The weekend is looking even better. Highs will return to the low and mid-70s. High pressure continues to allow for sunny conditions for Friday, and it will be a tad warmer in the middle 60s. Highs in the low 80s.

Ophelia, now a hurricane, remains out over the open waters of the far eastern Atlantic and will pose no threat to the US, and there are no new areas of tropical formation expected over the next few days. TS Ophelia is centered about 790 miles WSW of the Azores and moving SE at 3 mph. We will not notice too much change by Monday but come Tuesday morning through the remainder of the week, fall will be felt. Wind gusts will increase to over 20 miles per hour. Expect North winds from 10-15 miles per hour on Wednesday.

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